Mental Health Resources

Children’s Mental Health and the Life Course Model

Picture of a pregnant woman and her toddler with their hands on her belly

With rapidly rising rates of mental health disorders, the need for a better understanding of the developmental origins and influence of mental health on children’s behavioral health outcomes has become critical. 

This six-part webinar series, co-organized by the LCRN/LCIRN and the NASEM Forum for Children’s Well-being, focused on exploring how mental health disorders develop over the life span, with a special emphasis on prenatal, early, middle, and later childhood development. This series emphasized identifying gaps in our scientific knowledge, explored new strategies for using existing data to enhance our understanding of the developmental origins of mental disorders, reviewed potential approaches to prevention and optimization, and considered new ways of framing how we understand, address, and prevent disorders from a life course development perspective. The proceedings from this workshop series and the videos of the webinars are are now available online.


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