Family Health Development

Led by Mark Feinberg, PhD
Penn State University

Current research, policy, and practice perspectives often apply static and/or child-focused models to inform interventions and policies. The Family Node proposes a life course perspective on family health (rather than child health) to offer useful tools to address structural inequality for families.

The node will also seek to make recommendations for how to use this model in interventions—these include policy/system-level interventions as well as family-level intervention programs.

Projects and Grants


Feinberg and Hock: Test of an Innovative, Scalable Support Program for Parents with a Young Child Recently Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (NIH R01)

Berge: Family Matters Cohort Study: Examining Risk and Protective Factors for Obesity Across the Lifecourse (NIH R01)

Berge: Family Matters Intervention: Using ecological momentary intervention and community health workers to reduce obesity disparities by race/ethnicity NIH R61/33)

Roy: Impact of immigrant Fathers on Child Health and Well-Being over the Life Course (LCIRN pilot study)

Roy & Lewin: Strengthening Community Mental Health among Latino Immigrant Youth and Families. (Annie E. Casey)

Thoma & Roy: Evaluation of Carefirst. (Prince George County Dept of Public Health)

Roy, Fryer, and Richardson: Black Men’s Mental Health: Healing from Complex Trauma and Toxic Environments (U Maryland Brain & Behavior Institute)

Lewin & Roy: Encuentros: A rapid cycle evaluation of a community mental health intervention


Feinberg: Measuring impacts of COVID-19 on family development (Penn State)


Designing Evidence-Based Public Health and Prevention Programs : Expert Program Developers Explain the Science and Art; Edited By Mark E. Feinberg

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Berge JM, Larson N, Neumark-Sztainer D. Emerging Adults and Social Distancing During COVID-19: Who Was More Likely to Follow Guidelines and What Were the Correlates With Well-Being and Weight-Related Behaviors? Emerging Adulthood. 2021;9(6):670-678. doi:10.1177/21676968211051482

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Collaborative partners

Mark Feinberg, Penn State University

Jerica Berge, University of Minnesota

Saltanat Childress, UT Arlington

Nastassia Hajal, UCLA

Emily Hotez, UCLA

Christy Ledford, Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Amy Lewin, University of Maryland

Kevin Roy, University of Maryland

If you are interested in joining, please contact Mark Feinberg at