Led by alice kuo, md, phd, mba

The LCIRN neurodiversity node focuses on developing, implementing, and evaluating innovative approaches to promoting neurodiversity across the lifespan.

Our mission

To advance national research, policy, and practice for neurodiverse individuals across the lifespan with novel approaches that are co-designed with the populations they seek to serve.

ongoing projects/grants

  • Developing and evaluating All Brains—a multi-pronged initiative that seeks to promote neurodiversity across college campuses. All Brains includes a peer-mentorship program, a training and education curriculum, and social events;
  •  Testing the feasibility of an Adulting class to enhance higher education’s capacity to meet the needs of neurodiverse students;
  • Providing additional resources and supports for neurodiverse students that are not typically available during the transition to college;
  • Leveraging the potential of large-scale higher education datasets to explore neurodiversity across college and university campuses; and
  • Incubating a program of research surrounding health promotion in individuals with autism spectrum disorder across the lifespan.


  •    The development of research-based approaches to supporting neurodiverse individuals across lifespan; and
  •      Published research studies that evaluate the feasibility and efficacy of life course interventions for neurodiverse populations and inform future work in this area.

Node members

  • Candace M. Gragnani, MD, MPH, FAAP: Associate
    Physician Diplomate, UCLA Dept. of Pediatrics, UCLA Maternal and Child Health
    Training Program
  • Priyanka Fernandes, MBBS, MPH: Program Director,
    UCLA Preventive Medicine Training Program
  • Emily Hotez PhD: Project Scientist, UCLA Center
    for Healthier Children, Families, & Communities
  • Angela Reyes, MPH: UCLA Maternal and Child
    Health Training Director
  • Bobby Verdugo LCSW: UC-LEND Clinical Training
    Director; UCLA Behavioral Health Faculty
  • Karina Wang, BS: UCLA All Brains and UCLA
    Pathways for Students in Health Professions Program Coordinator
  • Kary Calderon, BS: UC-LEND Program Coordinator

point of contact


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