Membership in the LCIRN is free and open to anyone who works on or is interested in life course intervention research, including researchers, practitioners, community leaders, policy makers, and advocates.

If you have questions or would like to join the network, please email

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LCIRN Member Commitments & Benefits

LCIRN Members commit to: 

  •  Contribute expertise, professional network connections, and ideas to help sustain and increase the capacity of the LCIRN
  • Attend and regularly participate in LCIRN activities and meetings
  • Network and collaborate with professionals from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to carry out network activities and projects
  • Practice and promote the LCIRN guiding principles and values through their research and leadership

Benefits of being an LCIRN member include:

  • An opportunity to participate in national thought leadership and agenda-setting activities that will shape research and policy in this area for years to come.
  • Opportunities to network, collaborate, and share information with a diverse group of stakeholders in the field
  • Participation in activities such as workgroups and projects that are aimed at shaping the nation’s agenda on practice and research on life course interventions
  • Access to educational materials, webinars, and in-person meetings
  • Access to news on the latest life course intervention research

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